An Opportunity to share NT truths.

I recently had an amazing opportunity to share some of these New Testament truths with a group of women at a bible study I attend. These women are all from different backgrounds, but all believers in our Lord Jesus Christ. As the discussion progressed, one of the woman made a reference to Acts 2:42. This is when I knew the Holy Spirit was moving and providing me with an opportunity to share with these women the truths I had been studying. I was prepared and the Lord used me. I shared with these women what the time of Remembrance, and all that goes with it, meant to me. I shared with them the importance of doing things in the church the way God has designed. I was able to challenge them with scripture to examine their own individual churches in light of the pattern we see in the New Testament.

I believe that many people do “church” the way they do because they simply don’t realize that there is an outline in the scriptures for the church and that there are people meeting in the way the New Testament has patterned the church. I was able to witness how people who have fellowshipped in denominational churches respond so positively when challenged with NT truths. It is so important for us to 1.) understand why we meet the way we do, 2.) Be able to show from the scriptures why we meet the way we do, and 3.) share with others why we meet the way we do. This video is a great aid to help us do just that.